About TL.P:

Founded origanally as a Destiny 2 clan and D2 clan Discord server, Terraluna.pro has grown into much more! No longer is our focus on our Destiny 2 clan, but building a community of players of all games. With lots of active members and plenty of games to choose from, you're sure to fulfill your gaming needs.


It's all about the community at TL.P. Members are priority! We literally have members from all over the world. We have PvPers, PvEers, solo players, chit chatters, sit back and listeners, noobs to pros, not to mention streamers and nerds. Oh and there's moon... he's cool. He is the founder of Terraluna.pro.

  *To keep things mature we do have an age requirment of 16 or older.



F.A.Q.s :

Q. Can I invite my friends?
A. Sure! Just use https://discord.terraluna.pro

Q. What are terrabits?
A. Terrabits are our community currency which can be exchanged for raffle tickets and other digital items.

Q. How do I get terrabits?
A. Earn terrabits by being active in the voice channels and participating in community events.

Q. How do I use member berry?
A. Simply say 'commands' or 'help' in the Discord lobby.